Etta Candy

I’ve been reading a lot of Wonder Woman (and related wiki entries) lately, and even if I do like the new 52 relaunch, I kinda miss the Simone era. Anyway, since that counts as an ending, I did what I always did when something I love finishes it’s run: I make an elsewhere world!!

I just love Etta’s original characterization, you gotta appreciate the Golden era for all it’s campynes; there’s something so “fuck yeah” about a woman that isn’t bothered by her weight in a comic book (are they rarer than unicorns? probably)

So in this little Elswhere, Etta meets Wonder Woman in a museum when or favorite amazonian warrior is fresh out of the island and one of her first adventures is to track down some powerful greek artifacts that could be very dangerous. Etta is a college student on an internship in the museum and helps Diana in her investigation. She is sassy, confident and with a definite sweet tooth, and pretty clever. They become fast friends in their time working together.

Diana finds the culprits, but they have managed to make the artifacts function and overpower her. When she seems to be done for, a gun totted Etta comes to the rescue and quickly incapacitates the aggressors and retrieves one piece of the stolen treasures, but the villains manage to escape.

Diana is confused about Etta, which finally reveals to been a intelligence operative tracking the villainous organization. She tells Diana she shouldn’t have engaged the enemy and blown her cover -since she isn’t a field agent and was only sent because of her particular skillset- but once she also figured out their plans, she discovered they have enough knowledge of the artifacts to defeat even Wonder Woman. Naturally, strong-headed Etta chose to go to her rescue instead of waiting for reinforcements that might have come too late.

Now, Diana and Etta have to track down the mysterious organization to save the world!!

PS: Etta got reprimanded by her superiors, but having Wonder Woman by her side made the punishment much lighter.

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